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About Me.

Hey there! I'm Ellie Huang. I'm an Artist, Designer, and  Researcher.

I have a background in Studio Art, with a focus in oil painting and hand paper-making. Departing from visual arts, I am attentive to detail and am familiar with rapid prototyping process including woodwork, metalwork, circuit construction, 3D modelling and printing, and laser cutting. I was a selected candidate for the 7th National Collegiate Handmade Paper Art Triennial.

My Master of Design thesis focuses on wearable electronics, interaction design, UX research, and Mixed Reality technologies. As a current research assistant for Bodies in Play @ OCAD, I am leading the creative direction of partnership branding and organizing a forthcoming art residency entering around game design, wearables and XR.

When technology becomes part of our life, we need to work along with it. I believe in the responsibility of creative forces in unleashing the future interaction possibilities between human and technologies.


Let's work together!

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