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Redesigning Steam:
Creating a Positive Gaming Environment by Combating Toxic 

Design Team of One

My Role

Design Research, User Mapping, UI and Visual Design, Prototyping, User Research 


Aug - Sep 2023, 8 Weeks


Figma, FigJam, Optimal Workshop, Google Forms


As an instrument player, I oftentimes find it difficult multi-tasks through coordinating different bodies parts in a good timing, such as flipping pages while both hands are employed in the act of playing.

Why it matters

In most cases, a page break occurs during a rest for the particular instrument. When it is does not, the musician who is required to turn the page must stop playing. Thus, in a performance, page turning actually results in perceptible "dips" in the music's volume. In rehearsal, page turns may occur in both directions since the conductor may choose to focus on a part of the composition and rehearse it over and over.

Prototyping and Testing
Circuit Construction
Group 14.png

The circuit consists of the following components: 

  • Muse Band 2014;

  • Relay module;

  • 6.35mm jack;

  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller;

  • Digital Keyboard;

  • Mobile phone;

  • Laptop.

First Iteration

For the first attempt, we tried to work out a basic circuit as the "Minimum Viable Product" by using the action of  blinking to control the sustain pedal. A relay module and 6.35mm jack was incorporated into the circuit.

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